Add Touch to your PC or Laptop with DuoPad


DuoPad is a multi-touch trackpad enabling PC and Laptop owners using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 all the touch screen features and functionalities of their favorite smartphone and tablet apps onto any PC or Laptop monitor. (PC and Laptop owners with Windows 7 can use the DuoPad after they upgrade for free to Windows 10 . Windows 8.1 is also available to upgrade from Windows 7.
The trackpad was reimagined  and added a touchscreen mode that switches on automatically when using touch apps on your PC or laptop. Using touch apps with a mouse can be frustrating since they are designed to work with a touchscreen. The Windows Store on your PC and laptop offers thousand of touch apps that you use on your smartphone and tablet everyday. DuoPad extends that experience onto your PC and laptop.
With DuoPad, you still have a full-featured trackpad mode allowing you to navigate, as you would with a mouse, when using traditional desktop applications.