Airwirl Portable Air-Conditioner


The Airwirl is a tiny portable air-conditioner that’s the size of a travel coffee mug that will keep you cool wherever you go. The tiny portable air-conditioner fits in pretty much any standard cup holder in golf carts, cars, or even in strollers to keep your child cool on walks. To use it, just fill it up with ice, put the cap on, and turn it on. It’ll then use the cold ice to blow cool air out the vent.

Not only does it blow cool air on hot Summer days, but you can also put it a heat pack inside the device to blow out warm air on cold days. This way you can use the Airwirl portable heating and cooling device all year round.

The lid of the air-conditioner travel mug has a motor, which has a turbine-fan system with an airpost. The post will then self-center around the ice cubes inside the device, and spit out cool air the most efficient way possible.

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