Ambi Climate Smart AC Control


Ambi Climate is designed to seamlessly upgrade your air conditioner. Get comfy without having to constantly adjust your heating/cooling units!

Turn your AC unit into a smart, connected device. You’ll wonder how you ever wasted so much time regulating your indoor temperature.

Ambi Climate connects your old remote-controlled air conditioner to the Cloud. It manages your ACs for you, learns your comfort zone, and delivers energy savings. Your smartphone becomes your remote so you can easily adjust your AC from anywhere, at any time.

Smart AC, done right.

Easy on the eyes: Place Ambi Climate on a shelf, stand or desk in your home or at the office. Ambi Climate is designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

Powerful, for everyone: Under the hood, Ambi Climate is equipped with intelligent sensors that help you easily manage and control your AC with precision.

Fades into the background: Ambi Climate adapts to you and what you find comfortable. You’ll know it’s working when you barely notice it at all.


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