Bloody Bath Mat


Introducing the world’s first real color changing Bloody Bathroom Mat Sheet made by IntroWizard. Scare your friends, young adults, or even yourself.

Don’t be fooled by imitation bloody mats with painted footprints, this bath mat sheet is the only real product that color changes. It really turns red when wet! Water does not soak into the sheet, but instead appears to change color bleeding when in contact with your mat. The blood red color will begin to disappear in minutes and eventually fades away completely turning your mat back white again.

A unique Halloween gag gift for the bathroom, hide your Bloody Bath Mat and watch the horror on their face!

Unbelievably changes color, better than you’ll expect!

Appears White When Dry

Touch it with wet hands or feet!

Dries Back White Again

Appears White When Dry

The magic blood red color is only activated by water.

Touch it with wet hands or feet!

Wet hands or water drops instantly turn bright blood red.

Dries Back White

Dry your mat to return its color back to white afterwards.

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