Fridge Wall Mount for Tablets


Upgrade the refrigerator by bringing your tablet into the kitchen with CTA Digital’s Fridge Wall Mount for Tablets.

Designed with security in mind for that high traffic area of your home, this mount has a button-activated slide grip with rubber accents that perfectly secures any tablet of 9.75 inches in length or less, such as the iPad Air 2, Galaxy Note and Google Nexus 9, without fear of scuffs or scratches.

Though specifically made to update your fridge, the strong magnets let you place this mount on any metallic surface in your kitchen, and there are also two mounting holes on the back for when you want to hang your tablet on the wall. Plus, CTA Digital’s Fridge Wall Mount for Tablets offers full accessibility to the Home button and front-facing camera and even has a rubber extension to hold a stylus.

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