Giant 8 Foot Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair


Is this a chair? a bed? or just a prison of laziness? I think it seems to be a combo of all three!

It’s called the Chill Sack, and it’s made using memory foam material with a micro-fiber cover, so you know it’s super comfortable and probably feels like you’re sitting on a cloud in heaven. The only real problem I see is trying to find a spot to put the giant sack. Do you attempt to shove it into a corner, or replace an entire couch with it?

If you’ve always wanted to be swallowed alive by a giant sack, take a leap into it after fluffing it up. It may take you a few seconds to find fresh air again! It fits up to 3 adults, but are you really looking to be the third wheel on a giant sack? With a capacity of 3 adults, that probably equates to about a 6 kid threshold.

The cover of the giant sack is removable, so worries about spilling foods, drinks, or bodily fluids it, just take it off and toss it into the washing machine. Just make sure to use cold water in the wash, and tumble dry on low heat in the dryer.

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