HD Camera Glasses


The original Mitamanma Megane HD Camera Glasses by Thanko were a real hit and we had a whale of a time testing them out around the streets of Tokyo. Now the pixel quality just got even better! The new and upgraded Mitamanma Megane HD Camera Glasses H.264 really must be the first tool of choice for any wannabe spy.

Record up to 40 minutes of footage with improved picture quality or snap stills in secret as you go about town looking for enemy agents! You can move your head quickly and the picture quality won’t blur since it records at a fast 30fps. Perfect for when you spot something suspicious lurking in the corner of your eye!

If you don’t believe us, take a look at this video shot in Tokyo. While there’s no audio, you can move and record while wearing these camera glasses, making them a great way to capture your experiences in an interesting location, at parties or at all kinds of other times.

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