Hide Your TV With The HIDDEN VISION Flip-Around TV Mount


The Flip-Around TV mount is designed to Hide your TV behind a frame and Picture/Mirror allowing you to watch your TV with a flip of your frame. The Smooth 180 degree flip is a simple way to hide your TV.

With a picture frame on one side and a TV on the other, the transition from a dinner party to a Super Bowl party can happen in an instant. Simply, rotating the TV 180 degrees for viewing. You can adjust the tilt of the TV if desired. When you’re done watching TV, flip the mount back around to completely conceal the TV behind the picture frame.

It uses a combination of compression springs, gas springs, and a series of links to counter the weight of the TV resulting in easy, smooth, and simple operation. Additionally, because this mount doesn’t require components that can wear out over time like a motor, springs, or friction retainers, it will stand the test of time.

No home or furniture customization required. Easily install yourself. No need to purchase a sensor relay for your remote control as is required with many hidden TV mounts. Enjoy the benefits of a TV in any room without the eyesore.

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