iSmartAlarm – No Monthly Fees, No Contracts – Just Awesome Home Security


The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is a DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security system, no monthly fees, no contracts required. The iSmartAlarm App allows the user to utilize their iPhone to arm, monitor and disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time; the App shows who is at home, when family members left or returned and the on/off status of each sensor.

The App will alert all designated members with a phone call, SMS message, push notifications and email when the iSmartAlarm security system detects a break-in or unauthorized activity and allows the user to view the home’s status and safety with optional camera. It is open to future home automation features and almost unlimited expandability.

What can be monitored?

iSmartAlarm was designed to monitor various objects around the home and the important people in your life. Using the various sensors included in the preferred package, users can monitor and observe when a door, window, or cabinet is opened, or if movement is detected in a specified area. The remote tags can be attached to a key ring or bag to notify the system when family members leave or arrive home. Each remote can also be used to control home devices or activate the iSmartAlarm siren.

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