Kid Galaxy Morphibians Radio Control Vehicle


The Morphibians Radio Control Vehicle from Kid Galaxy can drive through all kinds of terrain, including grass, dirt, pavement, gravel, and even water.

This full-function RC car features long-range remote control. Kids ages 5 and up will love driving this Morphibians RC vehicle over land into water.

The rugged tires have deep grooves to help it maneuver over cracks, bumps and uneven terrain. But on water, it floats and is propelled forward by the four-wheel drive. This cool RC vehicle moves smoothly between different terrains without toppling or spinning out.

Whether driving from pavement to pool or grass to rocky dirt path, kids will love operating it. The smooth RC handset has a generous range and ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold. The two joysticks allow for greater control, more nuanced driving, and quick turns.

The Morphibians Radio Control Vehicle should be used in calm, non-saltwater environments. After adult-supervised water play, it should be drained of excess water and towel dried. Outdoor toys can be messy, but this durable RC toy cleans up easily with a damp towel.

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