Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella Protects Against Sun, Weather, and More


Your car is a major investment so it pays to take good care of it both inside and out. Even the act of parking your car outside in either the sun or the rain can damage both the interior and the exterior, because the sun and the rain tend to beat down on it. The Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella is just what it sounds like, the world’s first automatic wireless car umbrella for your car that will automatically open up or close with the push of a button. It protects you and your car from bad weathers even in windy, stormy or snowy days or some falling droppings.

Main features:

  1. One-click to open and close, 30 seconds to install
  2. Fibreglass makes 10X stronger than others
  3. Protect cars from wind, sun, snow, rain, falling droppings and more
  4. Withstand strong wind up to 30 mph
  5. Best car sunshade to low down car temperature, keep cool in hot summer, lower temperature up to 35 ℃
  6. Fits most of cars including trucks, SUV, minivan, pickup and more, please note that this car tent might not cover all your car body, which depends on different car sizes
  7. Super Waterproof & Easy To Clean
  8. Double Anti-theft Designs

Best Car Sunshade to Cool Down Car Temperature

Car interiors become hot and uncomfortable when exposed to the sun for too long, and you need to let the hot air out before you get in. Now there is a car umbrella available that gives shade to the car while parked in the daylight! Lanmodo car tent solves this problem because it gives shade to the entire body of the car and even protects your children from the heat. In hot weather, Lanmodo car tent can cool down car interior temperature up to 35 degrees.

Keep Cool in Summer, Anti-snow in Winter, Water-proof and Wind-proof

When winter is coming, you may need a anti-snow,water-proof car canopy to protect your car from possible damages, LANMODO car tent will be your best choice.

Lanmodo automatic car tent works well in minus 20 ℃ environment,it shows that Lanmodo car tent can protect your car from snow. Get Lanmodo to make your car away from snow in cold winter.

Please note: on a snowy day, this car tent can only prevent small snow, when the visible distance above 1000 meter, ground snow depth under 3cm/1.18inch.


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