Levitation Bluetooth Speaker


The World’s First Levitating Wireless Hi-Fi audio System.

Mars by Crazybaby™ is the world’s first true levitating wireless HI-FI system. The Mars system is more than just another Bluetooth speaker; it is a beautifully crafted piece of art that provides an amazing visual experience along with great sound quality.

The patented levitation technology provides fully automated levitation. The Mars Craft with a 1¾ inch full range speaker will auto-levitate and self-land to recharge. The battery powered Base Station with a 3¾ inch subwoofer combines with the Mars Craft for a true Hi-Fi audio experience.

No other product combines high quality audio with amazing levitation creating an instant conversation piece for the tech-savvy home or office.

Smart Levitation


Mars-Gravity Levitation Technology inside. Mars Craft will automatically take off when fully charged and self-land when running out of juice.


Levitating Craft will automatically land on the Base Station and wirelessly charge when battery is lower than 10%.

Mars-Gravity™ Patented Levitation Technology

Brainchild of a cross-national engineering collaboration. You simply cannot ask for a more reliable
magnetic-levitation technology in consumer grade electronics.

Sound Quality

Dual Speaker System

Mars Base Station: Built-in 3¾ inch subwoofer.

Mars Craft: Built-in 1¾ inch ultra-thin NdFeB full range speaker.

2.1 Stereo Sound

Pair two Mars to get your own 2.1 stereo system and enter the world of Hi-Fi Sound.

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