Protect Your Sofa From Spills With SofaSpanx


As an adult trying to get my furniture to last as long as possible, I find myself thinking about how Grandma and Grandpa weren’t as ridiculous as I once thought for covering their sofa with plastic. Am I too young to start doing that?! A resounding YES! I wouldn’t mind using a sofa cover, but so many of them are ill fitting and end up making your furniture look worse, not better. Enter SofaSpanx! Much like the Spanx women are used to squeezing into, this sofa cover is designed to hug your sofa super tight so it hardly looks like there is a cover on it at all.

SofaSpanx allows you to change the color and pattern of your sofa on a whim without you needing to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a brand new sofa. And with this cover you not only get to change your mind as much as you’d like, but this cover also offers great protection for the sofa underneath guaranteeing it will last for many more years.

The high elastic cover is soft and slip resistant ensuring you and your booty will be comfortable for all those Netflix and chill hours. And this unique design hugs the entire sofa so there are no cumbersome straps to try position just right. This cover will stay in place with no need to re-tuck or adjust after use.

If you have children or pets this is the perfect way to shield your sofa from sticky fingers, messy spills, and muddy paws!

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