RolliBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Sweep, mop and sanitize your home without lifting a finger! RolliBot robot vacuum cleaner does all the work for you so you can sit back and relax or focus your energy on other important tasks. While other robot cleaners may miss some messes, the RolliBot vacuum cleaning robot is different.

This smart automatic vacuum uses double sided brushes and an improved 3 section design to trap more hair, garbage and dirt ensuring a thorough clean every time. RolliBot uses high suction power to rid your home of dirt, dust and hair, but this robotic vacuum won’t scratch or tarnish your floors.

This robot sweeper has rubberized covers on the bottom to maximize suction power while protecting your hardwood, marble or tile flooring. To kill bacteria and germs, RolliBot cleaning robot uses a built in medical grade UV germicidal lamp to sterilize your floor as it picks up dirt. Giardia, e-coli, shigella and other nasty germs are no match for this floor-cleaning robot!

An easy mopping attachment with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth turns this sweeping robot into a mopping robot floor cleaner! RolliBot is also equipped with a zig-zag cleaning mode that allows this vacuum robot to mop up every spot, so you can toss away that old, dirty mop.

A double filter dust bin traps larger particles of dust, dirt and debris while a second, HEPA air filter traps any smaller particles from getting emitted back into the air so you can breathe easy! The HEPA filter and included washable dust bin are both easily removable and cleanable.

With an automatic vacuum cleaner like RolliBot, you never have to put aside time on the weekends to sweep, mop, vacuum or sterilize your floors. RolliBot comes with an included remote that can command the RolliBot to: Turn on/off, go home, schedule cleaning, move and change cleaning modes. RolliBot can be easily commanded to return to it’s charging station by pressing the “home” button on the RolliBot or on the included remote.

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