Slate Smart Drawing Pad


The Slate is the perfect companion for pen-and-paper lovers

Inspired by the classic pupils slate, the Slate brings digital power to the timeless creative activities of sketching and drawing.

Instantly digitize your creations
Place a single sheet of paper or your favorite notebook on the Slate and let your imagination run free. See your creations take shape on your iPad as you draw. Its instant, intuitive, and wireless.

Your favorite pen
Pick up an old ballpoint, a gnawed pencil, or your prized pen. Slip the Ring over it (we promise, you’re not committing to anything!) and your pen is ready to use with the Slate.

Your drawing pad
Take your trusty portable sketchpad or any type of paper, even a notebook or paper napkin and place it on the Slate.

The Slate
With your favorite pen enhanced by the Ring, draw on your notebook placed on the Slate. Your paper drawings are instantly reproduced and saved on your iPad.

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