This Heated Cat House Will Keep Your Outdoor Kitty Toasty Through The Cold Weather


If you have a cat that’s like a dog and just can’t get enough of the outdoors, even when it’s freezing out in the middle of winter, this unique heated outdoor cat house might be for your kitty!

The heated cat house allows your cat wander around outside and relax in the cold while still staying nice and cozy warm inside the little house. God knows they don’t want to come back inside and hang out with their owners that love them dearly next to a nice fireplace, but would rather be out in the cold relaxing by themselves.

It plugs into any outlet or use with an extension cord, and heats a cozy little cat bed inside the mini cat house. The outdoors heated cat house is easily assembled with no tools necessary, contains two entries/exits (one on each side of the cat house), and it’s perfect for cats who love sleeping outside, in the garage, on the porch, in the barn, or even just to stay extra cozy while inside.

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