This Slim Backpack has a Simple yet Smart Trick


This SLIM backpack from Cocoon looks standard from the outside but it’s got a special feature.  SLIM truly changes the game with the first full-size GRID-IT! pocket, enabling you to store items vertically, making it virtually impossible to have a messy bag.

SLIM is simple, organized and perfect. It is a perfectly designed tech backpack. With luxurious pockets designed to cradle your 15” Laptop,10” Tablet, and documents, the interior of this backpack is like a slumber party for your gadgets. With water-resistant ballistic nylon and waterproof zippers, everything inside stays safe and dry.

The adjustable shoulder straps, minimalist design, and gunmetal hardware supply plenty of comfort and style. Why is it called SLIM? Fully packed, SLIM is only 3.5” deep!

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