Transfer VHS Tapes To Your Computer


If you have old VHS tapes full of childhood memories of you or your kids, it is time to transfer them to digital format in your computer before you lose those memories forever.

Did you know that simple things such as magnets close to the tapes can wipe them off? And did you know how difficult nowadays to find a video cassette recorder/player if your old one is dead?

You can easily transfer your VHS tapes to your computer with Elgato Video Capture. This device comes with a software that you can install in your PC or MAC. To use the Elgato, just connect one end to your VCR and the other to your computer. You will need an audio/video cable to connect it to the VCR. The software is easy to use too.

Once you transferred your tapes to digital format to your computer, I recommend taking a backup of them to an external hard drive or to a cloud service such as OneDrive or Google Drive because you don’t know what can happened to your computer.

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