Turn Your Office Chair Into Your Personal Gym


Many of us spend the majority of our time each day sitting in an office chair…just sitting. No wonder obesity is becoming such an epidemic. But thanks to the Noonchi you can now turn your office chair into your own personal gym! The Noonchi is a resistance bands attachment that will work with any office chair and offers up a variety of workouts to keep you energized, motivated, and in shape. This work out system comes with two sets of resistance bands of various weights that you can use solo or combined to get a work out that meets your strength requirements and needs. It is also fully adjustable so you don’t have to worry about height, chair, or workout level restrictions.

The Noochi base attaches to your office chair’s cylinder base and then is strapped to the back of your office chair. You can easily remove the back attachment and resistance bands and store them away so as not to interfere with your daily office activities. Then, when you’re ready for a work out simply clip them back on and get your sweat on. You can also detach the back and resistance bands and use them under your feet for a more versatile workout.

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