Wetsleeve Wearable Hydration Sleeve


The perfect hydration solution that never lets you down, whatever the adventure, mission, or journey.

Wetsleeve is for everyone who wants to focus and push forward in their favorite activities, without breaking their natural rhythm. It’s breathable, lightweight and feels great on the forearm. The Wetsleeve is suitable for countless sports: running, hiking, walking, camping, hunting.

Forget about bulky water bottles, arm sleeves, running belts or hydration packs. Take the Wetsleeve with you on your rollerblades, skateboards or any other activities. Go hands-free for a walk, a trip or just a day out – You’ll love to stay hydrated with the Wetseelve on any situation.

How To Use

After filling the reservoir and fitting it into the sleeve, fit the sleeve onto your forearm and secure it into place with the adjustable wraparound velcro strap. That’s it! Hands-free hydration.

Extra Cool Tip!
For an extra cold drink, add ice to the reservoir, or place it in the fridge before use.

Easy To Clean.
The fabric exterior can be washed in the washing machine in a cold cycle, or it can be hand washed in lukewarm water using a mild detergent. To clean the hydration reservoir, remove it from the fabric exterior, fill it with warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid, then rinse thoroughly. A small cleaning brush can be used to clean the inside of the reservoir.

Find Your Size

Wetsleeve comes in S, M, and L.

To find your size:
#1: Take a measurement tape
#2: Wrap it around your forearm and record the measurement.
#3: Check the chart and choose your size.

The length of the sleeve and reservoir capacity (12 oz – 350 ml) are the same in all cases.


Features And Materials
Made of premium water resistant materials, the Wetsleeve features an internal mesh lining that allows for exceptional breathability, and a built-in insulation layer to diffuse body heat so you always stay cool and comfortable. The 12oz reservoir is housed in a convenient and secure zippered pocket so refills are simple, and features two additional pockets to keep personal belongings safe on-the-go. The adjustable, wraparound band and natural, conformed fit means the Wetsleeve moves with you through a wide range of motions for optimal balance and performance.

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