What? A Smart TV Hidden in a Mirror With Frame?


Tired of your television being the focal point of the room? Mirror TVs are your answer! Your television is hidden behind a decorative mirror. When you turn it on, the mirror transforms into a state-of-the-art LED HD Smart television – with a sharp, clear picture you’ll love.

Television mirrors are great for family rooms, above the fireplace, bathrooms – anywhere where you’d like the convenience of watching television without the TV dominating the room. Unlike other companies that make you purchase the television separately, LED TV Mirrors already include the pre-installed mirror glass plus the HD TV.

All you’ll need to do is mount your new LED mirror television and turn it on — the thin wall-mounting bracket is even included! Your TV mirror is equipped with 2 HDMI ports, component, and multi-media USB. Third party integration is simple with the built-in RS-232, Ethernet, and IR control. Plus, every mirror television is shipped with Android TV pre-installed. You’ll have all the apps, games, and content you love-from the comfort of your couch.

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