Make Your Summer More Fun With These Cool Gadgets

In this hot summer, people love going to swimming pools or to beaches for a swim. Why not make the best out of your summer by having some gadgets that will make it a lot cooler and enjoyable? Let’s take a look.

Floating Stuff

If you want to take a rest from swimming, why don’t you take a rest in style? There are many floating gadgets that you can use to relax on the pool. Here are a few

Floating Island Table

Blog - summer - 1

Four persons can use this floating island at a time (maximum weight is 880 lbs). It contains a huge table top with a central cooler too so you can chat and drink beer with your friend on the pool. Each seat has a cup holder too.

Blog - summer - 2

Malibu Aquapark Waterskiing Towables

Blog - summer - 4

This Aquapark features a 10′ walkway for easy boarding, lounging and extra play area. It is non-towable and great for all ages. Your kids will LOVE IT


Floating Canopy Lounge

Blog - summer - 3

Whether socializing with friends or laying out at the pool, the Intex Canopy Island is perfect for relaxing in luxury while enjoying the water.

The island has a detachable fabric sun shade that provides just the right amount of shade from the heat on hot summer days allowing you to unwind in comfort.

Two air chambers are added for extra safety and two built-in cup holders are included for you to keep a beverage nearby.


Floating Waterproof Table Tennis

Blog - summer - 5

Beginner or expert player, you’ll stay cool while playing a heated game of table tennis in the pool.

This 27″ W x 54″ L floating table keeps the fun in the water. The table features a hard surface for solid slap shots and fast gameplay, while the soft sides make it safe for those who swim close to the action. Paddles, balls and table all float, so they’re always within reach.

You can also use as a tabletop game outside the pool, whether on the patio or in the house.


Party Barge Pool Beer Pong Table

Blog - summer - 6

The Pool Pong Party Barge is the first and only floating beer pong table to include a built-in cooler so ice-cold drinks are always within reach. The 6ft x 3ft table includes 10 cup triangles on each end for full size pool pong play. Each side of the raft is also lined with 4 cup holders for social floating, so you and friends can float and socialize around the table between pong games. The central cooler can hold up to 18 cans with ice. The Party Barge can also be used as a floating tanning lounge if you’re ever able to get it all to yourself.


Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island

Blog - summer - 7

This island is packed with full of features like 2 contoured loungers, 6 cup holders, 2 built-in coolers, back rests and boarding platform and it can hold up to 6 persons.


Connecting Water Mat

Blog - summer - 8

The Connecting Water Mat is a 6×10 feet rectangular mat made from 30-gauge Heavy Duty PVC. Each mat can hold up to 6 adults and is stable and firm enough to walk across, yet comfortable enough to just lay back and relax. Thanks to the patented connection system you can turn this into a 6x20ft., 6x40ft., 6x60ft.(…you get the idea) water walkway. Vertical I-beams provide full support for up to 6 adults to stand on. You can walk across it while in the water too. The connecting zipper system allows you to connect as many as you like. For more fun, you can connect several of them between boats to get from one boat to the other without getting wet.


Cocktail Caddy Pool Float

Blog - summer - 9

These pool floats allow you to lounge in the pool with anything from a glass of lemonade to a cold beer. They are made of fade- and stain-resistant Sunbrella marine fabric. They can accommodates four glasses and an ice bucket.


Aqua Swing

Aqua Swing - 2

Tired of swimming but don’t want to get out of the pool? Then this cool aqua swing is definitely for you! What can be more relaxing than “floating on air”? That’s how you’ll feel as you lounge on this ultra-comfortable, beautifully buoyant pool “swing”. Spend some quality leisure time drifting lazily on the luxurious Aqua Swing.

Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Brookstone Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - 5

Sure, hanging out in the pool or hot tub is fun—but music can make it even better! Brookstone Floating Speaker is the perfect way to bring music into wet environments. It’s totally waterproof (IPX7 rated) and totally floatable.

Simply pair it with your Bluetooth enabled device, toss it into the pool or tub, and instantly make swim or bath time more interesting. It is even included with a handy hook so you can hang the speaker up in the shower.



Secure Your Stuff While Swimming

There is nothing worse than going for a swim, then you find that your precious items were stolen. You can use some gadgets that will prevent thieves from stealing them.

The Beach vault

Beach Vault - 8

The Beach Vault is a unique storage locker that can screw into the sand to safely store your valuables while you are at the beach.

Store your valuables safely beneath you then kick back, relax, and enjoy your worry free time at the beach with easy access to your favorite things.

The Beach Vault includes a unique Beach Towel that allows you to secure your Beach Vault in the sand. Lay your Beach Towel out, connect it to your Beach Vault, and insert your accompanying pillow into the pillow sleeve.



AquaVault FlexSafe Portable Outdoor Safe - 5

The FlexSafe from AquaVault is a soft-sided personal portable outdoor vault to keep your valuables safe during all sorts of outdoor activities. Perfect for the beach, pool, vacation, golf, waterparks, dorm rooms, camping, cylcling and more!

Safely store your mobile phone, money, keys. Made of cut resistant nylon laced with wire, the FlexSafe is packable, flexible and water-resistant with an internal zipper pouch, a universal-fit locking flap, mesh pockets, carrying handle, programmable lock and magnetic closure.

Cool Down

Of course swimming is not enough to cool your self in this hot summer. Here are a few cool gadgets:

Tunes2Go Bluetooth Cooler

Blog - summer - 10

This 40 qt. cooler holds up to 48 cans or 28 beer bottles and advanced insulation technology keeps ice frozen for up to 3 days. It comes with detachable cooler flashlight (3 AAA batteries not included).

The best part is it has a 350 watts maximum output power Bluetooth digital music player and FM radio with two built-in 6.5″ Hi-Fi water-resistant speakers and two 2″ high performance tweeters to let you listen to music while you relax.

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours of playing time and come with 100-240V AC/17V DC adaptor also built in weather resistant storage for iPad and charging compartment for iPhone/Smartphone.


IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler

icybreeze - 4

Take Icybreeze anywhere! It’s the perfect way to beat the heat with a constant breeze of cold air up to 25 miles per hour, at a temperature up to 35 degrees below the outside temperature.

The secret behind the Icybreeze is an innovative design that sends water through a heat exchanger in the lid. Fresh air is drawn from hidden vents in the top of the cooler, pulled across the exchanger, and chilled down to 35 degrees below the initial temperature. A cool, icy breeze is then dispensed in the direction of the user’s choosing. The power and speed of the air current is comparable to that of the average air conditioner in most modern cars.


Coolest Cooler with USB charger, Speaker, and LED lid light

Coolest Cooler 2

Made for fun and built to last, the Coolest is like an over-eager dog begging you to get outside. From backyard to beach, from lake to a tailgate, the Coolest turns good times into great memories with family and friends.



Underwater Gadgets

The fun is not complete without underwater gadgets. Here is a list of some of our favorite

Underwater Video Camera Swim Mask

Underwater Video Camera Swim Mask - 1

The Underwater Digital Camera Swim Mask from Liquid Image is a hands-free swim mask. It is equipped with an 8.0-megapixel digital camera. It can take pictures and videos by itself so you can focus and enjoy the beautiful creatures around you.

The camera works at depths of up to 15 feet underwater, which makes it an ideal swim mask for snorkeling and quick dips.

The base memory is only 32MB, but you can add a microSD card that ups the storage space to 32GB. Light attachment is included but the lights are sold separately. Carrying case is also included.

Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro

Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro - 3

A great choice for water lovers, the original Sea-Doo Seascooter Pro is a snorkeler’s dream.

The Seascooter Pro runs at a speed of up to 2 miles per hour and dives as deep as 65 feet, helping propel you through choppy currents while exploring your favorite wildlife reefs.

The scooter is also light enough at 13 pounds to carry with one hand, making beach diving a reality. And if you just want to use the Seascooter Pro to preserve energy while swimming from one side of the lake to the other, that’s cool, too.


H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask GoPro Edition

H2O Ninja Snorkel Mask GoPro Edition - 14

H2O Ninja is a full face snorkeling mask designed to make breathing in water as natural as on land. GoPro edition comes with mount to attach GoPro camera housing on to the mask to shoot stunning videos.


Universal Waterproof Case

 Universal Waterproof Case - 7

JOTO universal waterproof Case is perfect for large Smartphones with diagonal up to 6.0 inch. It is IPX8 Certified to 100 feet. With a secure Snap Lock System, it allows you to submerge your device up to 100 feet deep without worrying about water damage.

The case features crystal clear window on both sides, allowing you to take pictures or videos, checking your emails and all other touch screen functions whether you are swimming, fishing, boating, or having water fun.


Aquabilt A-2000 Excercise Swimming Pool Treadmill

Blog - summer - 12

Why not making your summer more challenging with the Aquabilt A-2000 Excercise Swimming Pool Treadmill? It provides a unique, low impact, high intensity workout that is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. It is great overall cardio-vascular workout.


A Sandless Cool Mat

Let’s wrap up this post with this wonderful and awesome mat:

Sandless Beach Mat

Blog - summer - 11

This Sandless Beach Mat is impossible to cover with sand. It is made from two layers of patented woven polyurethane that instantly filter sand to the beach as soon as it falls on its surface, the mat acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from reemerging through its bottom. Eliminating dirt, dust, and water from its surface, the mat ensures a perpetually clean expanse for camping or watching a concert.

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