Remove Dust From Hard-To-Reach Places With Incredible Ease


Dusty-Brush is a universal vacuum cleaner attachment for the smallest areas, delicate objects and hard-to-reach areas. Dirt is to be found everywhere, so naturally also on delicate objects or in areas that are difficult, if not impossible to clean.

Dusty-Brush makes it possible for you to clean areas that were unthinkable before, from delicate objects to hard-to-reach corners, edges and grooves. Each one of us has his own special problem areas.

The main thought behind this invention is, that instead of a single large opening there would be many small suction areas through many tubes. Through these the suction would be optimally distributed. Very small, fine areas could be cleaned and small parts and objects would not get lost.

Dusty-Brush is based on the principle of a brush. With a brush, you can clean almost any area. It fits onto all uneven surfaces and can be used anywhere. The only disadvantage is, a brush cannot vacuum up dust.

These tubes have been made out of a special plastic. This high-molecular weight thermoplastic polymer is highly rigid, causes little friction and has a wonderful dimensional stability. Each of the tubes moves freely, so that they can fit onto the smallest of uneven surfaces-very similar to the function of a brush, except that a brush cannot vacuum.

In addition, the ends of the tubes have a rubbing function. They do not get worn down and are stable enough to rub away encrusted dust and dirt. Through the openings, the rubbed off dirt gets immediately sucked up and does not get out into the surrounding areas.


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