Lounge While You Work With RoomyRoc Mobile Laptop Desk


This unique mobile desk allows you to work anywhere with your laptop while you lounge and kick your feet up. It’s called the RoomyRoc, and it’s a mobile seat and desk on wheels.

The RoomyRoc has a movable arm where you attach your laptop, while lower down is a cushion where you can either sit or put your fee up on. This way you can sit in a normal chair, place your feet on the cushion, and have your laptop hovering right in front of you. This way you can work in the most comfortable position possible.

Not only does the RoomyRoc allow you to work while lounging, but it also works as a standing desk. Just position the laptop arm straight up and adjust the length of the arm to your preferred height, and it can be the best of both worlds while helping you work while lounging and standing.

The laptop arm on the mobile desk can adjust between 26-42 inches, it can rotate 360 degrees around to adjust into any position, and comes atop 5 wheels that you can lock into position if need be.

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